Waxing Protocol

Pre waxing:

Optimum hair length.
If you have recently shaved you will need to allow 3 weeks of hair growth and 4 weeks from your last wax, this will ensure the best results possible. I want my clients to leave the salon happy.

Be comfortable.
Wear something casual and loose that you can be comfortable in, this will avoid skin irritation

Personal hygiene rules.
Please freshen up before your intimate waxing. But no lotions or potions before your appointment.

Be gentle as this can remove dead skin cells Please do at least 24/48 hours before your appointment.

You can be waxed during your period, although you maybe a little more sensitive, if you can plan ahead, so much the better, if not no problem.

Plan your waxing.
If you are getting beach ready or going poolside remember to plan your waxing at least 2/3 days ahead particularly if you are planning to sunbathe.

Do I keep my underwear on?
You will need to be undressed from the waist down for intimate waxing, this is to ensure I can get all the hair out neatly with less mess and no stray hairs. Please don't stress I have seen many different bodies and your comfort is my priority.

Does it hurt?
There is usually a momentary 'ouch' but this is normally over very quickly due to the method taught by Kim Lawless, the best in the business. Each person has a different pain threshold but I will be quick and when you see the results all is forgotten. If you become a regular client you will benefit from sparser hair growth and waxing will become much easier. I only use hot wax created by Kim Lawless herself which is a lot kinder to the skin.